Saturday, June 20, 2009

The days fly by

We're keeping busy here and they days are just disappearing! They're disappearing in a good way though. There's a fine line. When you're thinking 'Where did that time go?' then I reckon you're not achieving enough! On the other hand, when you look back and think 'that only seems like yesterday' or something else to that effect, ie not alarmed in any way, then you're more likely to be doing things productively!
Thankfully it's the latter for us.
This week I spent a day helping a friend with meals and cleaning. That's a serious % of my available time gone, that would normally be used for other things.
We also had the 3rd of 7 art'n'craft classes for kids here - they're having a ball.
PLUS dh and I are putting big efforts into our business at the moment.
Today is a good example of our craziness at the moment - I have a client appointment this morning, a business to do list of some significance that must be done today, I'm attending a linen party at a friends place this afternoon and then have some girlfriends here this evening for some Anne of Green Gables and foot pampering! All good but pretty packed. oh, and I just remembered... the family has asked for cooked breakfast today and I'd love to take the children to the park!
Thankfully it's not yet 6am so I've time to pull this day off. I'm off to get organised!

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