Monday, March 29, 2010

Girl's Brigade 70th Anniversary Family Day

We popped down to Berwick on Saturday for the Girl's Brigade 70th Anniversary - I was in Girl's Brigade for about 7 years as a girl and LOVED it. It's lovely to see Melinda enjoying it too. They had a great day organised for the family - sausage sizzle and a bunch of free activities; face painting, jumping castle, a craft table to make bird and fish mobiles, figurine painting and some 'old fashioned' games like sack racing - I haven't seen that in YEARS

Melinda won first prize for the Grade 2's in the Art Show and also first prize in across all Cadets

Nathaniel just LOVES having his face painted

The jumping castle proved irresistible

Timothy is yet to find the joy in such outings - all a little overwhelming for him

Get him home though and the mischief kicks in... his latest game at bed time is to go and get in a bed belonging to someone else! He used to just go get in his bed when he was tired and call out to us. Something (or someone???) gave him the idea that in bed with Melinda or into our bed and then calling out would be a much better response. I think this one here was encouraged by Melinda as he usually has 'Kevin Bear' and his dummy firmly attached :o)

And that's not Kevin Bear... this is Rachel Bear - given to Melinda when she was born by my Uncle John and Auntie Bronwyn... I named her after my favourite cousin :o)


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