Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little helpers

We had such a fun time Saturday night / Sunday morning when my favourite nephews stayed over. Mr4yo and Mralmost2yo.. ooh, he's two this next week!
Anyway, back to our fun....
The boys arrived at 3.30pm, just as the downpour arrived in our part of Melbourne (65mm in 24 hours here)
so Mr4 went outside with Melinda and Nathaniel to dance in the rain and get completely SOAKED... so it was into dry pyjamas by 4pm.
A little bit of indoor play (Timothy and Mr2 had been playing trains while the others got wet) and then it was DVD time on the bed in our room which they thought a wonderful idea... and a bonus when the home made pizza arrived up there for dinner!
Clever hubby laid out large blankets first to catch the crumbs :o)

the little ones aren't quite as enthralled by the movie!
 Into bed once that was over and they all went to sleep right away and didn't wake till just after 7... the most civilised rising we've had with 5 blessings in the house at one time!

A tasty breakfast of eggs and hash browns, big glasses of milk and then it was clean up time.
I asked Melinda to gather the plates for me so I could get the dishes underway and a little 4yo voice says to me 'can I help too Aunty Relle?'  Loved it - so sweet! So he, with much joy, gathered all the empty milk glasses and brought them to the kitchen for washing.

I was reminded of this later in the afternoon (The nephews headed home shortly after 9am) when I was clearing the dry dishes and Timothy comes into the kitchen with an "I help mummy" as he starts to put the glasses away that I'd stacked onto the table for the older ones to put away. He was rewarded with much praise from both Pete and I.

Such joy when they offer to help, vs being asked.

Such joy in the home when we do ALL work together! I'm a believer in jobs from as early on in life as possible.

At the moment home making jobs looks a little something like this

Timothy (2.5)
Feeds the cat
Picks up his own toys
Takes out the recycling with Nj (has been doing this for about 12mo)
Brings his dishes to the sink (occasionally I cringe but no breakages from this yet)
Puts his own socks and undies away
Does lots of 'gofer-ing'... "Timothy, can you please get X for mummy?"

Nj (7)
Folds clothes and puts them away
hangs wet clothes on  the drying rack
Peels vegies
Makes his own bed
Strips sheets off beds for washing day
Brings the bins in on rubbish day
Takes out the rubbish bags
Keeps the toilet paper shelf from running out
Puts dishes away
Removes chairs for floor mopping and then puts them back
Unloads the car after grocery shopping
Changes dirty nappies!!
Sets the table
Working on: learning to vacuum

Melinda (8)
Removes the dish drainers and cleans the draining board
Folds clothes and puts them away
Can make simple lunches like pizza toasts and sandwiches
Peels and chops vegies
Strips sheets off beds for washing day
Puts a load in the dryer and turns it on, empties, folds and puts away once dry
Removes chairs for floor mopping and then puts them back
Unloads the car after grocery shopping
Sweeps and washes the bathroom floor
Sets the table
Working on: washing dishes

There won't be a any rude shocks when these children have their own homes to care for!

What about your children - do they get to help keep the house going too?

(*gasps* as I realise I need to check we have a gift organised for Mralmost2 nephew!)



  1. reading posts like these always convict me as it's something I'm having to work on myself - ie, training my dd to do chores! she only has a couple of small ones at the moment but I'm gradually working on getting her to do more....:)

  2. I hope I remember to train my newest little one the same way I trained my first. I'm noticing it's very easy to rely on the oldest to take care of things. She is a willing helper though and that's a start.