Monday, December 6, 2010

150 Things To Go

That's my goal.... 150 individual items must leave this house between now and when Pete goes back to work on about Jan 6th. I can't count normal things I'd throw away in day to day life. They have to be things that moved with us to this house back in July.
I'm not sure how many I'll get to this week as I've figured it to be our busiest week of the year, but I'll post as I go, over the next few weeks. Life slows down again next week :o)

Anyone want to join me on a month of decluttering - even if it's not 150 things?



  1. sorry Mrs B, I'd like to bu I'm saving our decluttering for when dh is off work between Christmas and the second week of Jan! just too much to do right now on top of home schooling and getting ready for Christmas:)

  2. Totally! I de-clutter on a regular basis... I must not be doing it the right way.

  3. Decluttering seems to be constant around here! Each week I pick a spot (ie: someone's closet, a bookshelf, kitchen cabinets, kids living room toys, etc) and declutter it. It seems like a never ending job!

  4. How are you going with this?
    I need to declutter too...all the time. Don't think I will count the items, but I will be doing some of it over the next few weeks.