Saturday, December 4, 2010

My FIRST Sewing Success!

I've started a couple of other projects but so far they are both incomplete. Well today, I have gone from start to finish on a skirt for Melinda... made so it should last her for a couple of summers at least.

She's thrilled with the result, as am I

Ta Da!!

A closer look at the fabric

I chose this fabric because of it's 'busy-ness' and thus it's ability to hide any errors.
Thankfully there were as good as none. I need to figure out the top part of the skirt a bit better for next time. It tapers in the whole way up - including into the waist band area.... need to look at some other skirts to see how best to finish them off. A blessing is, it can't be seen on this skirt!



  1. cool! well done!
    loved looking at the pic of your dd too!

  2. Well done Narelle! I love the beautiful colours!

  3. I orginally wanted a sewing machine this year so I could learn how to and start sewing. I opted for a small kitchen appliance instead, but I still want to learn to make clothing for my daughter and other simple projects.

  4. The skirt is lovely - and inspiring. I so want to learn to sew...