Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

Much is going on.
These last couple of weeks have been sooo busy
I'm LOVING the vegie patch
I'm a little overwhelmed with all the fruit in the back yard that will be good for picking over the next couple of months
My kids are just being painful while they fold the washing right now as I type
Hubby has 2.5 weeks off work starting tonight
Fish n chips for dinner - was going to be in a park but now it's pouring so it'll be here at the table
I am soo looking forward to 2.5weeks that fit a bit better with my preferred hours - usually we need to be in bed at 9pm to be able to get up at 5am!! Wake up time of somewhere between 6 & 7am will be so much nicer
We have so much to get done over the next couple of weeks but want to balance it out with family fun. Must keep that in mind.
Lots of fun was had at my sisters place last weekend when we did (my side) family Christmas there
There are so many nutrimetics orders coming in at the moment, which is great - must continue to track and write them down so I don't forget anything
I have received a whole bunch of curriculum stuff in the last week and a bit but have yet to sit down and go through them. I am REALLY looking forward to making & taking time to do this.
I love the sound of rain on the roof
I'm wondering if Pete got to the train dry or got caught in the rain.
There is nothing in the diary for tomorrow = bliss
Pete just called ~ he's wet... I no longer need to wonder
I wish weeding didn't make my hands so dirty
I have so many blog posts I want to finish writing.... and a whole bunch of blogs I need to go back and comment on from when I've only had a few minutes to read
I need long gardening gloves, the zucchini plants give my arms a rash
I need to publish this so I can get Pete from the train!



  1. Happy holidays! What's it like having Christmas when it's warm?

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays! Our veggie patch is also blooming, it's just wonderful! xxx