Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not For Loan

How cute are these stickers?! These arrived this week from Vistaprint, ordered after I figured out that I don't want to loan out all of our home ed materials that may grab the attention of others. For a variety of reasons.
- I've got a miminum of 4 children to educate, we'll wear out out items soon enough without additional help and it's pretty awful to loan something to someone and it's visibly aged by the time it's returned. Happens a little too often. Any time I've borrowed a book from someone and had this happen, I've actually purchased the book and given the new one in it's place. Not everyone is as careful as this though.
- Too many have no hesitation in copying things that are not allowed to be copied... cd's, dvd's, paper curriculum's etc. I don't want to aid others in breaking laws, and so things that have a much higher risk of being copied are no longer for loan from our house.
- Items that were hard for me to get in the first place. For example, we are enjoying 'The Tale of Jeremy Vole' as a read aloud and it's also a part of the Grade 3 English curriculum we'll be using for all children. It is no longer in print and I could only find 2 second hand copies when I tracked one of them down for us. Having this item lost or not returned would be a PAIN... so this afternoon, I'll be popping a 'Not for loan' sticker on it.

Why the stickers? It saves me having to remember or keep a list and it's a whole lot easier to explain than appearing to be applying random 'borrowing rules' as someone browses our bookshelves.


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