Thursday, April 28, 2011

Too Funny!

We've not made the time to teach our eldest two to ride bikes without training wheels till this week - life has just been crazy these last 12 months and more!

So Pete takes Melinda out over Easter and sure enough, within 1/2 an hour she had a hang of it. Needs to practice more to develop the right muscles and reduce wobbliness etc, but all up she's 'good to go'.

On Wednesday afternoon, Nj (7.5) comes to me and asks if he can ride his bike out the front too. I say "without training wheels?" and he tells me "the bike with just one training wheel". I explain that that's not really learning to ride without the training wheels and that if he wants to ride out the front, he can remove his training wheels or wait until Daddy gets home and dad will do it.

Within 5 minutes he comes back in to say the training wheels have been removed and that he's heading out the front to practice. I remind him to not let his younger brother out the front, and then off he goes.

2.21pm I see him wheeling his bike through the side gate - it's about 15m to the footpath
2.25pm I'm BACK inside after heading out to watch him because his sister was YELLING "He's doing it, Nathaniel is doing it!!!!"

Yep, within about 2 minutes, Nathaniel was riding a 2 wheel bicycle.

I guess there are some advantages of leaving it 'late'?

Now I think we just need to raise the seat a little!


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  1. yippee! yes, leaving it late has it's benefits, I did that with toilet training and dd learned it so quickly lol!