Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One day at a time

seems to have been the best way for me in the recent months of summer.
There have been so many things I would have liked to blog about, and hopefully, I'll still get around to some of them. Not having even the head space to start a draft or make notes for them it will certainly be some time before they pop up here LOL

So, where am I now?

Content. Content that I've prioritised my family when choices have had to be made. This has not been without cost. Blogging has had to be left - a low cost when on scale. Friendships have changed - those that either don't understand or accept the effect of MS on our family life have distanced themselves and easily taken offense by my limitations.

This does hurt as I am very much a 'my yes is my yes, my no is my no' person, and if there's any variation to this you can be sure it is with great cause and much grief at my end of not being able to live to my standards and values for that time, for whatever reason!

All up, I know it is just a reflection on themselves and their insecurities, and quite probably just highlighting a lack of genuine friendship.

Thankfully life does go on.

I've still kept up reading many blogs, though have rarely been able to leave a comment. I've celebrated baby births of blogging friends with joy - though again usually without comment... I'm still wondering what colour towels Erin's new baby will have LOL... and have a few Treasured Moments to add in.

I'm currently spending some time in England thanks to Cassie... it brings back memories I have from a trip as a child... maybe one day I'll get back there?

And I'm preparing for OUR baby's arrival. I am soooo excited and looking forward to meeting this little one. We feel so blessed that God has chosen to give us another and even now wonder if God has more in store for us - only time will tell. Having chosen to not find out the sex of the baby, I'm really looking forward to finding out when the time comes... though having chosen this path means we are super low on baby clothes. We have 2 outfits in green and yellow so hubby will be taking me for a quick shopping trip super soon after birth! I don't want bubs in neutral colours for months, which is why we're waiting. I want a girl to look like a girl and a boy to look like a boy, so waiting on clothing preparations is a must.

Home schooling has continued and adjusted - does anyone ever keep to the same plan for long? Lovely books have been arriving by post - I love this way of shopping... packages are such fun! Organisation is continuing to happen - the bulk of decluttering happened over the Christmas break, and now we're down to the fine tuning... there is much fine tuning to be done... if bubs doesn't arrive before the Easter break, I'll get a bunch done. Otherwise it will have to be in baby steps!

Last but not least, I'm still amused  at my reaction to a recent statistic that I read... 'only' 70% of people on incomes averaging $90/pa use dishwashers... sometimes I feel like I'm almost all alone in washing dishes by hand so it's nice to know that I'm doing the same thing as about 30% of much higher income earners :o) 

I can be sure though, that their kitchens look nothing like mine ;o)



  1. All the best with the birth of your new baby! I look forward to reading of the big arrival.
    No dishwahser here either :-(
    Having lived and home schooled through some illnesses and dramas over the last 20 years I do sympathise with you though I do not understand all of your difficulties. Often people who have not had such trials do seem to drift off but I think it is often just ignorance rather than any intended slight.
    Does the pregnancy affect the MS significantly?
    Contentment is the key!

  2. I've been wondering about you, glad to hear you've prioritised your family above other things:)
    I read that article too and was amazed that so many didn't use a dishwasher!
    all the best with the arrival of the new baby, we didn't find out either when we had our dd it was so much better that way!

  3. I still do dishes the old fashioned way..I don't really mind either. Can't wait to hear what you have, we are looking forward to it. Godbless.