Saturday, April 30, 2011

Treasured Moments

My treasured moments for this week - which is waaay late! (click on the picture about to find out more, read others' and to join in yourself!)

1. I love the slow walking around the vegie patch with Timothy - everything is wonderful to him... he loves to come with me and it's his job (Thank You Very Much!!) to carry any vegies harvested, back into the house. This week as we're winding up the summer patch it was pumpkins - LOTS of them!

2. Out with Nj for some 'mother & son' time... I suspect the ice cream sundae brought him more joy than being with me did - I can live with that though, it's all part of making memories! I think it's Timothy's turn next, to come out with me for a treat. He doesn't mind what the treat is, so I pick lemon meringue pie for us to share... a rare treat!


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  1. Making memories - good enjoyable memories - are awesome~!! It builds for great relationships that will totally pay off when they are teenagers and older. :o)