Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Great Milk Experiment

You might have picked up while reading here, that we drink raw organic milk - milk the way God intended it to be. Not pasteurised. Much much MUCH healthier than the dead white stuff most people drink, that more and more are developing an intolerance to...

So on that note, I am always interested in different things that can be done with such a wonderful God-given resource and this blog entry about The Milk Cure peaked my interest... you're best to read it there as I could never explain it so well unless I completely stole her blog post! And then if you're still interested/intrigued/fascinated, read on to the links she has in the post. And if you don't read on, don't make judgement of what you've chosen not to know about!

Our fortnight's milk arrives tomorrow, so I'll start my 7-10 days of milk on Friday. To start with, I just want to get through one day. One day with no other food will be painful in itself because of habits and because of ME being the one to prepare food for all others in the house!

Okay, that just settled it... I had been debating with myself... tomorrow night's dinner is Fish n Chips for sure! No chance after that for at least 7 days!



  1. Interesting, Mrs B! We have a Jersey cow that we milk for our consumption and I make cheese, cream, butter, yogurt and icecream with it. However, when we use it as drinking milk for the kids, I have to pasteurize it as they keep getting sick from it. I am hoping they will grow out of it but I'm too scared to try them back on the raw good stuff!

    1. Sounds odd! Most I know that have dairy intolerances can have the raw organic dairy with no issues at all!
      Are they sick sick with it or mucous-y... coz if it's just mucous, from what I understand it means the raw milk is doing good and clearing them out. If it's sick sick... is there any way of making the milking hygiene better?
      What about you? do you have it raw yourself?

    2. I have it raw, but Will go Campylobacter. Poor kid had it on and off for months - every time we grabbed more from the dairy. Then it just blew up and was so bad. It was awful. he's had to have antibiotics twice from it. Everytime I try again he gets the stomach pains, random vomiting and shocking diarrhea. They can get it from many other places but it all tied in with the raw milk. Me and Ben are fine. Grew up on it, but don't want to risk it with Sam.

  2. Will it help one to lose weight? Just wondering if it would beneficial for me to try it out?

  3. From what I've read, I imagine it would.

    Longer term it definitely would... as anything that helps keep the gut healthy, helps you digest foods better, retaining more nutrition.
    Worth giving it a go if you can get your hands on raw organic dairy (or raw organic goats milk)
    Must be raw. Must be organic. No antibiotics etc in their system.
    I'm thinking of doing 1-2 weeks of grain free after the raw milk, having already helped balanced the gut with the raw milk, grain free would almost definitely result in weight loss. Let me know if you decide to give it a go!

  4. Just read your whole Milk Cure Journal. I can't believe you did this pregnant! Wow! You are brave! I am so impressed at how this diet seems a good fit for so many people. Thanks for joining me - I wish I'd realized sooner you were actually doing it - I would have come by and cheered you on! Anyway, congrats. Next time we'll do it together!!!!