Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday!

2 Special birthdays in our house today - Timothy is now 4 and Charlotte has turned 1!

I've made these cupcakes for Timothy to share at playgroup - more photo's to come later but Pete has taken the camera to playgroup so I can't get the other pics yet :o)

We had pancakes for breakfast - as requested by the birthday boy. A normal lunch of salad sandwiches will be had before afternoon naps and then Timothy's daily request and Charlotte's much enjoyed Fish & Chips for dinner - must say I am looking forward to that myself LOL

We have a special gathering planned for Saturday, to celebrate (surviving) Charlotte's first year and because of the shared birthday, it's also for Timothy... we probably wouldn't have done a party for him this year, otherwise!



  1. wow, is it already a year! my how time flies. Happy birthday to Charlotte and Timothy!

  2. p.s. those cupcakes look amazing!