Sunday, May 27, 2012

Speed of life!

Could life get any faster??? a possibly dangerous question - I suspect the answer is 'yes' but I sooo don't want to know about it... so let's pretend I never pondered the possibility, okay?

Where have I been? right here, full speed ahead. So much I could have been blogging about but was busy doing it instead with pretty much no breaks in between... let me try and fill you in!

The oldest news first (and MOST exciting)... is that God has blessed us with another baby, so now I am a mama of 5 precious children to raise in the ways of God. WOW! We're due in September with only about 16 weeks to go... I think. I am shocking at keeping track! Is it a surprise? Not really - we have figured out how these things work ;) Was it planned? Not really... no calendars, thermometers and charting. Just God, how He made us and our faith in Him and in His perfection. We kept it to ourselves and a few close friends a while - to enjoy it fully before thoughtless people could make rude comments. Yes, some people do that. They value 'things' more than children and fail to understand our trust in God's leading. I guess it's hard to understand what one doesn't have and experience, oneself... very sad...

Next news... Pete is working again... in a temporary position. Monday this week marks the start of his 3rd week. If they like him enough in an unknown period, they'll make him permanent, if he likes it too of course!
14 weeks of unemployment wasn't necessarily 'fun' but it sure was full of amazing blessings. Our church community is AMAZING. Beyond amazing actually. I just love being part of a church community that comes together to support each other in the way ours does. So blessed. So encouraged.
Though Pete's now being paid, we're living the next couple of months (assuming he keeps working through that time) as though he's not. Keeping the budget mostly nice and tight and building up the emergency fund again.... 'just in case'.

With Pete back at work, I'm busier. He's not here to help juggle life. At the same time I can get more done because he's NOT here. A weird combination, that. Not sure how it works, but it's just the way it it. I guess there's so much more to think about but with him gone, there is more head space available in a day. On days I want the car, I drop him off at a bus stop a couple of KM's away and pick him up from the same area at the other end of the day. If he's getting the bus, he's gone from about 6.55 till about 6pm. If he has the car it's about 7.20 till 5-5.10pm. Not too bad. Still family dinners. He's still here for all the evening activities we seem to have happening.

Homeschooling... is MUCH easier to do with Pete gone. Don't know why, just that it is!

Melinda - who has been wearing glasses for about 3 years now - I think - and patching for most of that time... is now patch free for at least the next 3 months. Glasses still but patch free. She's pretty pleased about that. So am I... nice to not have to be reminding her! Her appointment with her optometrist was this last week and because Pete was working again it was me that took her, and the rest of the kids. I did miss having Pete here and available to do the trip.

The clock is ticking and to bed I must head. I will attempt to come back and update tomorrow on Mother's Day, a family birthday, our home ed co-op plans and 'The Great Milk Experiment'. No promises about tomorrow though, okay? If not tomorrow - it will be soon (That IS a promise!)


  1. You forgot to add photos. :o) Couldn't resist. LOL

    I also seem to get a LOT more done when hubby isn't home. Less distractions, less interuptions etc...

    Super good to hear on the pregnancy. Also on Pete working.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! Yes we don't do any school work when daddy is home, too difficult lol!

  3. Great post... loved reading it and learning more about you :-)