Monday, May 28, 2012

Of Mother's Day

A great church service in the morning, easy lunch at home, blessed with lots of cards and crafts from the enthusiastic children. I can't even remember what was had for dinner... it would have been easy and might even have been fish & chips (we have the best EVER fish & chip shop, nearby)

My all time favourite for afternoon tea - lemon meringue cheesecake... I LOVE anything with a really strong lemon taste. We went out with one of my friends and her 2 children, for quite an enjoyable afternoon tea. The ice cream on the plate was an accident... I'm pretty sure it was meant to go on my friend's sticky date pudding which arrived with none, even though it had been requested. They then did make sure she got some too, but it was rather odd having ice cream with cheesecake... to me anyway!

And that, was my Mother's Day. Lovely.

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  1. Beautiful photo of your children in the header too!