Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby-wipes Project

Today's job, was to turn these 3 hand towels into 36 baby-wipes

And 2 hours later, I'm done

The 2 hours included supervising 5 children with morning tea and a bottle, as well of all sorts of other things going on. The actual cutting and sewing probably took an hour? Now to put them through the wash to remove all the towelling fluff!

Now the sewing machine is out... and it's hot, so I can't do much else... I think I'll see what else I can sew


  1. How do you keep the fluff from binding the bobbin and feeder foot?

  2. I didn't even think of that, before I started. Thankfully the bobbin ran out early on which made me notice a bit of fluff in there. I then just kept the bobbin space open and swiped out fluff as it fell. Really wasn't too bad.

    The floor, however... is another story LOL

    Thanks for stopping by :-)