Saturday, March 23, 2013

Something New for Dinner

I made bolognese pin wheels, for dinner last night. Very popular, all round.

1kg mince, thoroughly mixed with one jar of tomato pasta bake sauce and 1 cup of rolled oats
Spread to about 1cm thick on a sheet of pastry - to the edges on both sides but leaving about 1.5 inches clear, at the top, and about 2 inches clear at the bottom.
Roll it up, from top to bottom, after wetting the bottom strip with a little egg to help it stick.
Using a VERY sharp knife, and a light hand, cut through the roll with a fast moving saw-like action.
Lay each pinwheel on a baking sheet with a little space in between each. Pinch closed the join in the pastry, to help it to not unravel!
Bake 180C till golden

I used 4 sheets of pastry, by the way. And it was enough for 2 meals - Bonus!!

...and these are my sauteed vegies... cooked in tomato passata, a little garlic and a sprinkling of Celtic sea salt. We all love them this way, even though it's a VERY new thing here, still.

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