Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catching Up

Busy Busy Busy! Wow, more than 10 days since I've posted!

and I'm not sure where much of that time has gone LOL... we have had a couple of GREAT days schooling... so much so that the day is over before we know it and not much else was done.

Let me see if I can catch you up with real life at our place.

In the last 12 days
-Melinda has 'graduated' and can now hang a full load of washing on the line, just the way I would and of course, remove it and fold it!
-We went to Ballarat for a wonderful 2 days. Staying with friends for one day, camping out at their place overnight and then to Sovereign Hill the next day before returning home. Will post a couple of photo's soon!
-Nathaniel participated in the annual Boys Brigade athletics not knowing athletics actually existed till now, and ran both the 400 & 800m!!!! If only I still had the ability to do that LOL
-We were blessed with tickets to an indoor circus type thing... juggling, magic tricks and all that. Pete took the children and one of Melinda's friends and I enjoyed almost 4 hours home alone. Yes, I tidied and cleaned during that time - but oh so nice to do it alone!
-We had our back yard inspection for the Puppy Walkers program through Customs and were APPROVED... just a couple more steps and we'll have a lively Labrador pup for approx. 12mo
-Our monthly Home Ed meeting was here and once again it was WONDERFUL. Just a joy to be able to have that time JUST with other women. Conversation changed dramatically when you remove men and children and it's sooo important that this is done from time to time in our lives. There are topics raised that otherwise would not be. Women can be ministered to when otherwise many of those needs would not be met. A woman who doesn't do this is missing out and also making others miss out on fully knowing her! Everyone has some great things to share and other women miss out when we won't make time for 'girls only' events. I know myself, there are some women I'd love to spend some more time with and they just 'won't'. You may not need other women, but regardless, other women need YOU!
-Pete and I started to celebrate our 10th Anniversary - I say 'started' because there's more to come and we won't be done till the end of April!! (Getting babysitters takes that long around here!)
-We went to the cinema for the first time in a LONG time and saw 'Blind Side'... well worth the rare evening out! (Our initial anniversary event, 6 days after the actual date!!)
-Just before posting this I've enjoyed a delicious Sabbath rest and the day has practically disappeared. All too soon, I'll be preparing for the week ahead.

I think that's about it - consider yourselves caught up :o)


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