Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get in line! ;o)

We're reading George Muller at the moment - as a 'read aloud'. We're about 1/2 way through and have had it less than a week.
I have to admit that by Friday night I couldn't wait... so I took it to bed and finished it off for myself! Now I'll be re-reading as I continue to share it with the children.

We had wonderful fellowship over lunch on Sunday with dear friends and had a great discussion on faith and God's provision... this book came up and was brought out. Paul asked to read it so it's promised to him once I finish reading it to the children.

In the meantime Pete decided it sounded good too... so sure enough, Sunday night he's reading it in bed!!!

We highly recommend it and are happy to loan it out - but you'll need to get in the queue!!



  1. Hi Narelle, once you have finished, would you share a review on this book and what it's about? xxx

  2. ooh! - s'pose I could give it a go...!