Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recipe by Request - Zucchini Slice

You're sure to love this! Stay tuned, a photo will be added before the day is done :o)

NB Be sure to follow the 'advice' through the recipe and I highly recommend following my recipe rule... always follow it 'to the letter' the first time you make it... then you're free to tweak it as you make it again and again - this way you'll actually know what you're tweaking! Much easier to figure out what's not working when you follow this rule.

Okay, the recipe

1tb Butter (not margarine or oil!)
200g sliced Bacon - about 1cm strips cut from REAL bacon OR 100-150g smoked salmon
500g Zucchini - this is after it's been both topped and tailed. I used 3 zucchini to get this - if you're using large zucchini then increase the SRFlour by 1/4c for every zucchini LESS that you're using because of the larger size
Grate zucchini or chop it in chunks then give it a quick wizz or 2 in the food processor
1 large onion, sliced. Cook this in the butter and if using bacon, with the bacon.
1c Frozen Corn Kernels
2c SRFlour
1tsp Baking Powder
1c grated Tasty Cheese
1/2tsp Celtic Sea Salt
10 Free Range eggs (asides from the reduced health benefits of caged eggs, you are responsible & guilty for the awful way the chickens live if you eat eggs from caged birds!!)

Grease baking pans well. I use one rectangle casserole dish and 6 muffin cups. You don't want the wet mix to be more than 2 inches deep in the chosen baking pan.

In a large mixing bowl dump the shredded zucchini.
Add all the eggs, mix till thoroughly combined.
If using smoked salmon, chop it small and mix it in now
Add cheese, mix again
Add corn kernels, mix again
Add salt and baking powder, mix again!!
Add SRflour and mix again :o)
Finally, quickly mix in cooked onion/bacon mix (hot is fine)
Spoon into chosen baking containers and bake at 180 degrees (fan forced) till golden


Great for lunch boxes, breakfast on the go, served in small squares as finger foods... whatever!
We'll use it for the first day's camping meal or take it on long car trips to avoid takeaway. Enjoy :o)


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