Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sabbath Happenings

A lovely lovely day today! Church this morning was wonderful (except for Finding Nemo being the substitute for Kids church!) A guest speaker was quite interesting and inspiring, the children enjoyed knowing the song being sung as we arrived and best of all, we participated in the church's Fellowship lunch.

8 Adults, 2 children & 1 baby that we hardly knew (or didn't know at all!!) came for lunch. They each brought something to contribute... drinks, dessert & nibbles... while Pete and I provided mains. It was enjoyable to prepare it on Saturday, as a family, all ready for today; All pitching in to serve our guests.

The bible instructs us ALL to show hospitality (no exclusions!) and I do love the experience and am blessed I was taught by example as a child. It may be harder for those not taught early on, there's still no exclusion though!!!

It's sad if the only way one is going to be hospitable is to participate in events such as today when the church leadership orchestrates it.
I also think it's sad when we only extend hospitality to those we know and are comfortable with. I wonder, is that really hospitality? or is that when it crosses into 'entertaining'?
What I love about today's fellowship lunch is that it introduced us to 11 new people in the church!
If that's it's purpose, then I think it has a place, a good place.

Sitting around the table, sharing food and conversation together - it doesn't get better than this.

(PS the children did not go and watch the movie!!)



  1. Sounds like fun for all! xxx

  2. Worship and fellowship with the Lord's people!
    We had a similarly blessed day.
    Hope you have a great week now.