Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boys 1st Camping Trip

A couple of weekends ago, Pete and the boys went camping for one night. Their first 'father/son' camping trip. The first of many, I hope!

Pete wasn't so keen but was pushed along by yours truly, an excited 8yo who had been awarded with a new sleeping bag for his Best Boy award in Boys Brigade last year and was soooo very keen to use it FOR REAL, and of course, the 3yo brother who was oh so excited but can't have had too much of a clue as to what he was excited about! But hey, one in, all in, right? He thought so anyway and tents and food must = FUN

Not quite fast enough for the timer!

The best bit (IMO) about camping - the FIRE!!

Poor Timothy was apparently terrified of the toilet... I got the giggles when I heard, because I knew WHY... his loving brother had said to him before going on the trip that "if you fall in the toilet hole, you'll NEVER get out!!". I must say I don't like the bush toilets myself!

Mighty small space where one was allowed to pitch one's tent

Pete wasn't sure they'd have enough to do but sure enough the time was easily filled with setting up camp, building the fire & enjoying it with marshmallows, a nice long bush walk and just fun enjoyment of the bush that God has blessed us with just an hour away.

Melinda and I enjoyed the 24 hours in a much quieter house... chinese takeaway & a movie :o)

Time to schedule the next camping trip on the calendar, I think!


  1. Isn't that what big brothers are for! I don't like the outhouses in our state forest. Hate to think of dropping something important in them. But I guess they are better than nothing.

  2. haha - yes so true - Pete was terrified of dropping phone or keys in!