Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ready for white walls

I am sooo over it, I'm ready to invest in paint.

Everywhere I have ever lived has had walls that can be washed. And I'm someone that will wash them every now and then because marks on walls is more visual clutter that I do NOT need!

We moved into this house about 20 months ago 'freshly painted'.


Some of it was freshly painted. With cheap dodgy paint.

You know how I know that it's cheap and dodgy , for sure...?

Soon after we moved in there was a small accident and we needed matching paint for the repair job. I went to Bunnings (Australian hardware store) and asked in their paint department for the cheapest nastiest wall paint that they had. They asked why and I said I needed it to match what was on the walls and we didn't know what brand/shade it was, other than dodgy. He told me I'd NEVER get a match and found cheap paint for me. I asked if it came any flatter than the can he'd handed me and it did, so that's the one I got.

Cheapest, nastiest paint possible.

He thought I was mad.

And yes, it's a perfect match!!!!

See I told you it was bad!

Seriously - if you breathe on this paint, it leaves a mark. Add in 3 small kids going in and out of the house multiple times a day and the walls become feral all too soon. Washing the walls removes more paint than dirt and so has proven futile. I said to Pete just days after moving in "You know we'll have to paint before we move out, don't you". Well, we're not moving any time too soon but I NEED white walls. No it's not a NEED as in need to survive but so far as my sanity goes, I reckon it's a serious need. I wish I was kidding.

So on the list of things to tackle in the next month or so is painting the main traffic areas with better paint. Paint I will be able to wash. And life will be good.

About as good as it gets at the moment


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  1. I totally have been there. Hubby has painted almost every room in our home so far. I used to wash off paint in apartments before with bad paint. It drove me NUTS!