Sunday, March 18, 2012

Menu Plan for the week

I find meal planning helps life move along a little more smoothly around here

B: Scrambled eggs on toast
L: Baked potatoes
D: Beef Stew (already cooked)

B: Breakfast Muffins
L: Picnic in the park (all going well!)
D: Lasagne (already cooked) & extra vegies
Note: Start the chicken broth in the crock pot if haven't done so yet

B: Porridge & eggs
L: Zucchini slice
D: Stroganoff shepherd's pie (already cooked) with extra vegies

B: Fried eggs on toast
L: Dim sims
D: Chicken and corn noodle soup

Friday (Cook Up! day)
B: Porridge & eggs
L: leftovers
D: Roast something but must include roast pumpkin... my favourite! Possibly roast lamb as there's nothing like roast pumpkin & potato drowned in both mint sauce and gravy!!

Cook Up! Goals (Friday): Pasties, Country Chicken double meal, Tomato Tango Meatballs (mmm) 2-2.5kg, Savoury Mince x 6L, Bean & Pasta soup x 8L and... (brain working hard music...) oh yes, a couple of Tuna Bakes

By the way... is the evening meal 'tea' or 'dinner' in your home? I'm pretty sure I grew up with it being 'tea' but have switched to 'dinner' after 10 years of Nannying in homes where it was called 'dinner' and now saying 'tea' sounds odd to me even though it's what I seem to hear most from others!



  1. We call it tea but I admit to using Dinner when I blog etc. Trying to sound a bit uppity I guess! :-)

  2. Lol! I thought it was a Victorian thing to call it 'tea' as my hubby (originally from Victoria ) does. Sydney siders call it dinner. My hubby confuses some Sydney siders by referring to lunch as dinner and dinner as tea !!!