Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Connecting The Disconnect (part 1)

If we want our children to eat healthily when they're young adults, we start when they're much younger, right? Like from the start?

If we want our children to treat other's nicely, we teach them from the beginning, yes? not to bite, kick, destroy things... we don't let them get away with 'whatever they feel like' until they're 10 and then try and train them to be 'nice', do we?

If we want our young adults to exercise - it's MUCH HARDER to wait till they turn 12, 15, 18 or whatever and then ask it of them, isn't it?

Why then do some of us, who want our grown children to be active in a personal Christian faith and see church attendance, participation and involvement and a vital part of that...train them for the first 10-12-15 years to NOT be there, and to NOT be involved, and to NOT listen... and then watch the church youth including our own, walk away from the church and any faith of their own?

Starting to see the disconnect?

Fool yourselves not, this IS what is happening to the church as a whole and has been on a large scale over the last 30 years or so. The church body is on the decline, starting with our youth. No, not all and yes there has always been a few, but it's different now, it's FAR TOO MANY to keep thinking the way things are done, is good.

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  1. I am thinking you are talking about how we put our kids in Sunday School and don't keep them with us through the service.

    I would like to keep my children with me, teach them to listen, talk about what is discussed later, but when I put them in Sunday School we miss that time together to learn. Instead I am expecting them to learn from a stranger without me alongside them. It seems such a strange concept when I have chosen to homeschool and be beside my kids day in, day out as they learn, to then hand them to someone else on a Sunday.

    Sorry if this is a sidetrack.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW