Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 2

That's 2 of 7 days down - will I make the 7?? I seriously wonder! The preparing of foods for others is NASTY!! Think I should have put us all on the milk cure at the same time! I can't think of any boring enough food to feed everyone on, that I wouldn't want at the moment!

Drank about the same milk & water as yesterday - same total volume but about 150ml less water and milk instead.
Energy levels are fine... I'm getting up at my usual 5.30am and holding out till 9.30/10pm at night. Today I had a nap but yesterday not - but that's normal life for me anyway!
I did have a couple of small, mostly painless leg cramps last night. I usually get them late pregnancy anyway and they're usually a whole lot more painful than these. I have found that increasing my milk intake in the past has reduced the cramping, so we will see what happens this time!

Results I'm seeing so far... fluid retention seems to be decreasing... I'm 1.3kg less today which would have to be all fluid. I carry too much fluid in my more recent pregnancy's and there's more fluid I can afford to lose. So yes, I'm drinking about 4L a day and losing fluid!

What results can one expect from doing this? Seems the results can be quite varied. This article expands on what is available from a Milk Only diet. Of course, raw milk in your diet on a regular basis is sooo good for you anyway. God knew what he was on about when He spoke of a land of milk and honey being a good thing! It sure wouldn't have been pasteurised milk!!

What I'm hoping for... I'm doing it as a general detox and improvement of the gut (the most important part of our immune system)... along with the hope of reduced edema (fluid retention)... reducing the possibility of developing gestational diabetes (I've never had it but keep getting told that the older I am, the higher the risk) and I'll be following my milk week up with a low grain diet for the remainder of the pregnancy to help with this. I'll also take any of the 'beauty treatment' effects I can get! haha!



  1. Are you currently pregnant? I was under the impression that we should never do any 'detoxing' during pregnancy because some of the toxins, on their way to leaving the body, can cross the placenta in concentrated amounts. I have some issues in pregnancy that could be helped by detoxing, so I'm quite interested to hear if you've read anything about this.

    1. As I understand it, any time you do something healthy for your body, you have some sort of 'detox'. Exercise even!

      I wouldn't do something that was designed to do a deep intense clean. Probably wouldn't even if not pregnant LOL
      Most women who follow the 'dodgy diet pyramid' consumer many toxins on a daily basis that would be just as much a concern if not more than a gentle raw milk detox. Things like rancid olive oil, rancid oil in supermarket flours, vegetable oils, margarine, butter blends, additives, especially things like 621 & 635 which are neuro-toxins, they also often microwave their foods, again adding to toxins in the body. So considering I'm not putting those toxins in already, by our choice of a more traditional style of eating, I'm personally not too worried about any gentle release that comes as a result of the extremely healthy option of raw organic dairy - HTH's :o)

  2. I hope you can tough out the cooking for the others while you are doing the milk. I know it's a temptation, but hang in there. :)