Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Few of My Favourite things (2)

We've had Tap-Tap for years now. I umm'd and aah'd over it for some time... from memory it was $39 which 8 plus years ago felt like a HUGE amount on a simple toy. Figures that make you CRINGE, stay in your mind for years LOL I've since come to realise it's one of the BEST value things we've bought if you work out the hours use it's had! Ah ha! I see it's another item that has come down in price! Not by loads but every few dollars counts, right?

Every now and then I've been tempted to add another set so 2 children can play at once but I think part of the great vaule is that it IS one child only. The child is learning and loving to play by themselves. Siblings are great in some activities and it's wonderful to have company but it's equally important - for both their development and a mother's sanity, that they learn to enjoy activities by themselves too!

The suggested age range is 4-7 years... our experience has been about 2.5-8 years and after about 8, the kids still like showing the younger ones some ideas of what pictures to create.


  1. Are these felt? I love felt! xxx

  2. I haven't seen this before. Do the children play out stories? Please tell how it is played. I am always looking for gift ideas with some educational value for the littlies.

  3. I could of done with one of these recently - especially before Hannah decided to bang away at one of the bed posts ( which is horribly disfigured now ). Perhaps something like this would have prevented that.

    Yes, I think a one child toy is a good thing. It definitely teaches them to work on their own. Which is what they need to be able to do when formal schooling begins.

    Loved your show and tell. :o) I hope we will see a LOT more now.

  4. lol, we have the opposite issue here, too many toys that need another to play with but dd manages by playing with her 'imaginary' friends:) I've not seen this one before though, it's new to me!

  5. Hi! Thanks for coming to my blog. Are you a friend of Elspeth's in London? Anyway, nice blog.
    Cute toy idea also! We also have homeschooled our children--such a fun adventure!

    1. Hi Jena! Thanks for visiting - I don't know Elspeth but must have picked up on your blog from another reader... I've just noticed a few 'familiar faces' there!