Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 3

Rather boring on the milk end (thankfully!)... still drinking the same amounts of milk / water. Still serving up foods I'd like to be eating - though possibly the 'craving' for it is a little less? Though I did start a list of meals today that crossed my mind, to make for next week when I'm eating again. Haha - maybe that helped lessen the cravings?

Energy levels fine - today a no nap day and I'm feeling good.

Almost half way through now. 4 days to go... seems like a long 4 days ahead still though!

Oh - and most importantly, I'm only getting up for the loo once a night... I was rather afraid it would be more often. It's not the getting up that bothers me so much as I go back to sleep pretty easily... it's the house being so cold at about 10 degrees!! Yeah, I'm a wuss :-)

On a totally different note, a friend popped over this afternoon for a lovely couple of hours. Best part of my day!


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  1. What a lovely post :-) Thanks for having me over