Sunday, June 10, 2012

Days 4-6

Whoa! Life has been busy - I should never think that I'll just get up and post here in the morning... I don't think it'll ever happen!

Day 4 ~ Thursday
Pretty easy again and meals for others were not getting to me so much. Over 2kg lost and  my ankles have much less of an indent from the tops of my socks, at the end of the day!

Day 5 ~ Friday
The same as Thursday mostly? I didn't need to cook meals today - just reheating leftovers for the kids lunches and heating up a meal I made on Thursday for the family dinner so that probably made the day quite bearable food-wise

Day 6 ~ Saturday
Started rudely with a MAJOR leg cramp in the wee hours of the morning. I then stayed up for about an hour till I was more certain it wasn't going to re-cramp once I fell asleep again. Back in bed just after 5am for a couple more hours sleep. Over 3kg lost now!! Ankles looking much better though still room for improvement. I'd say there's still at least 2kg fluid in the legs that could go. Food wise fine - I even managed to make Pete a favourite of mine - poached egg on muffin with cheese & tomato - just because a friend told me how she successfully poached eggs and I REALLY wanted to give it a go while it was still fresh in my mind!
I've had a small amount of Celtic Sea Salt 3 times today, to help ward off the cramps... just a small dip of the finger tip. A very strong salty flavour but not enough to be horrid.

Over these last few days, drinking quantities have remained consistent in both water and milk. I'm wondering how much fluid might come back once I stop the full time milk??
Energy levels have been normal still, which is great.
One great thing I have noticed is that I no longer feel YUCK in the mornings - woo hoo! While pregnant I don't feel great first thing, feel like I REALLY need to eat something so I do. I feel GREAT while I'm eating and then about 30min later I'm feeling horrid again. This is probably about 5 days a week. So far with the milk, I haven't experienced this once! I might feel a little off and have my morning milk but after that, nothing goes downhill - it's great! My stomach obviously likes the ease of digesting the raw milk!

Almost at the end hey! Am looking forward to Monday, and also to just doing the week's meal planning on Sunday night!!


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  1. The week is going so quickly. :o) Do tell about the poaching of the egg.