Sunday, July 13, 2014

Loving My Winter Sundays!

Looks like I may actually be getting back into the habit of blogging again - don't hold your breath though! Let's see :-)

A 'sleep-in' of sorts begins by Sundays now... that's a 6/6.30 rising, instead of 5/5.30... trust me, that's a good thing!

Warm coffee, the wood fire burning, a cooked breakfast (today it's cheese pancakes & sour cream with fresh spring onions), then slow morning of pottering/playing/tidying together as a family before having naps and down time.

Off to fellowship with our church in the afternoon, finishing with dinner together before bring the children home to bed.

It's taken deliberate effort to achieve a day of rest like this, but oh so worth it!

We clean house most weeks on a Friday and at least 2 meals are cooked for our Sunday, before Sunday arrives... today we have soup for lunch and Taco Pie to take for church dinner.

Treasured days, these are :-)

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