Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thermomix Usage #3

Friday was 3 different dips... gherkin, tzatziki & herb/garlic... another batch of chocolate balls, and a lemon cheesecake (yum!)... total, 5 uses on Friday = 16 uses over 3 days, which is just over 5 x a day

Saturday... a day off... pan & oven cooked breakfast and then gone for the day - 16 uses over 4 days which is 4 uses per day.

Let's see what Sunday brings!

PS: Psst! Actually, I chopped 3 onions for a casserole on Friday too... and the casserole had a home made BBQ seasoning in it, that had previously been made in bulk, in Thermie :-)
I won't count the BBQ seasoning... but with the onions, lets bump that up to 17 uses over the 4 days. LOVE not having to chop onions by hand!

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