Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thermomix Usage #2

Today I chopped 4 jumbo onions...1 at a time for about 1 second each, and chopped 2 zucchini PERFECTLY on about speed 4 for a few seconds... I've been doing them too fast till now which makes the pieces too small AND leaves a couple of chunks not chopped.

What we didn't use it for...chopping a whole bunch of celery for soup... I like sliced celery... and 2kg of carrots for the soup... I prefer them chopped on the chunky grate setting of my old food of 2 reasons I've held onto it, post TMX...the other reason being citrus juicing!
Bonus...I still didn't chop celery & carrots... hubby did the celery and Nj peeled carrots, them Melinda fed them through the food processor. If I wasn't so fussy, or didn't have the food processor still, TMX would have been just fine!

So let's call today 2 uses, even though the onions were for the equivalent of 4 batches of soup!

11 uses over 2 days...5.5 uses a day

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