Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thermomix Usage #4

Sunday... Grated cheese, whipped up some pancakes and made an herb & garlic dip = 3 uses for a total of 20 over 5 days = 4x a day

Grating cheese - WHY?! Because then you don't get the dodgy preservatives and additives that are in pre-grated cheese. I usually grate about 500g-1kg at a time, and have it in a box in the fridge for use through the week. Today I'm using it for one side of the pancakes, and also for topping the taco pie.

Pancakes... we start with melted butter in ours, so dishes are saved because TMX melts butter first, before we add the other ingredients. It's less mess and minus a ladle, because we can pour straight from the TMX jug into the pan. Win-Win!


  1. We go through a kilo of cheese a week! Amazing to me and will only increase in the future!

  2. Yes! Truck loads of cheese here too... I reckon we're about 1.5-2kg a week at the moment... imagine in another 10 years for the both of us LOL!