Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chatting till 2am

Remember the days when you could do that all the time? I've loved it my whole life I think. Many memories as a child are of talking... dad telling my sister and I to stop talking and sleep, a friend's mum sitting outside the bedroom door at 1am when at about 7 years of age we were still talking at a 'sleep over', one night as a teenager not sleeping at all because my friends and I chatted all night, yes, ALL night, at a post youth group sleepover. Oh the fun. Even in my Dad's last 2 years of life we talked many hours a week - not late at night, but through the day as we were both on the road a lot for work and 'hands free' mobiles made it possible. That's what I miss most about Dad. Being able to discuss life, church, God and all of those combined.

Well, last night was a lovely night which asides from being very pleasant in itself, reminded me of good memories of days gone by.

Days I had assumed were gone.

Not so! God is good!!

The children and I stayed with one of my friends and her family - well, everyone is friends with each other which is great - and once everyone was settled for the night, we chatted. and chatted. and chatted. About good stuff. Challenging stuff. Real life Christian living stuff. I don't quite get how nutting things through and opening your eyes to things you need to work on can give a buzz of energy but it does.

I'm not sure what I talked of as a child and as a teenager but I'm sure it's greatly deepened and I love the challenge of these deeper conversations. I love really getting to know the other person, having someone to bounce thoughts off and be challenged by. I love the companionship as I continue to grow as Christian and seek to live a more godly life.


Earlier in the day we spent some hours with my old friends from school, including my oldest friend (the one whose mum stayed outside the door when we were talking). We've come and gone from each others life and it's such a joy to know her again now as an adult and to see what an enthusiastic Christian she is. Her faith is more than family traditions, it's real and living. LOVE this and am looking forward to when she and I can get together and talk the night away. I know she's as keen as I for a girls weekend, so we should get it organised!

Aah, just remembered that when Pete and I first started our relationship we talked till sun up the first night and then about 3am the next. Nuts huh.

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