Friday, January 1, 2010

Home Ed 2010

(You may notice that I avoid calling it Home School... and that's because we don't do school!! We educate academically yes, but that's as close to school as we get and we do it in about 25% of the time!)

So, 2010 has arrived and although we've home educated since I was pregnant with Melinda, our first, 2010 is our second year of pursuing a more structured way of home education.

We'll use the same maths & language arts materials as last year - they worked well for us.
We're adding in some more subjects and materials as noted below.

English/Language Arts:
Melinda (7.5) is going on with Learn to Read, Write & Spell. She's pretty good with these things in real life so I'll say this has worked for us. She's quite advanced, so as she continues with these books to help avoid gaps that could occur by skipping ahead, she will also work in 'Language Lessons for the Elementary Child', sold through Credo Trust
Nathaniel is starting this series and has just become keen about letters etc

Easy Learn Maths (This and Learn to Read Write and Spell, come from

We're starting 'Foundations 1' by Anne Elliott

Homeschooling PE (for the P.E. challenged mom). Also by Anne Elliott

Life Skills:
Uncommon Courtesy for Kids by Gregg & Joshua Harris (I believe out of print, try ebay/amazon)
Lessons in Responsibilities for Boys, Vol 1

Geography: (which will also touch on history and a few other things)
Galloping the Globe

Art & Craft / Home making etc
We will do small units on these, created from various materials that suit our needs and the vision for our family

Down the track we'll add in science - we're looking at Apologia... may switch maths programs to MathUSee and keep our eyes open, enjoying seeing what other people use as we consider what will work best for our children (yes, another benefit of home education being that academics along with everything else, can be tailored to a child's individual bent, thus limiting the exasperation of children!)

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