Saturday, January 16, 2010

You Could Call Me Obsessed

Obsessed with the garden that is. I'm not really - we do have to go there twice weekly to water at this time of year and occasionally for planting if the watering day is too hot to do it in the same trip... okay, maybe just a little obsessed :o)

It is amazing to see everything growing! God's design is just incredible

Wednesday this week we went and planted our cucumber plants - and they're doing fine. Only 3 days have passed since then and it's the zucchini that I am AMAZED at.

This photo is from today, the zucchini are at the bottom of the picture (and yes, I do know they will grow much much bigger than this - I'm just impressed with how fast they're doing it!)
There's lots of activity starting near the centre of the plant, it looks like the flowers are on their way.

and in this picture below from Wednesday, the zucchini leaves don't reach out nearly as far and the leaves are considerably smaller

Master Timothy LOVES coming to the garden to help out and was demonstrating his strength today with a FULL 2L bottle of water, watering the plants.

Melinda loves watching the tomatoes grow - I can see already that once they start to turn red that she'll be literally jumping with joy. Nathaniel is not really impressed that we're growing vegetables hehe, flowers would be much nicer I am sure. He is most concerned though about the carrots. Now that the tops are showing, he is keen to make sure I don't accidentally pull out any carrots when weeding.
And this is true to their taste buds... Melinda loves to eat whole tomatoes as fruit and Nathaniel is willing to snack on a carrot

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