Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Typical Day Of Education

...Or what we're aiming for at any rate!

In 2-3 hours a day, 3-4 days a week (180 a year) we can achieve what the schools do by way of academic education. That leaves us with plenty of time for real life; living, learning, loving & laughing - it's these things that I believe truly educate a person and help them most through the journey of life. There are so many things I want my children to know and to value - I just wouldn't have the time if they were babysat in the school system for their best hours each day. Another time I'll post more on what we're doing about education from this direction!

As one of the growing number of home educators around the country and even world, I have noticed that we all like to check out what everyone else does with their day, what does the 'school' bit look like, how many 'extra' activities do you do and that sort of thing. Me included of course - I love to look, read & understand why each family does it their way.

And thus, I thought I should do some sharing as well!

(and yes, sometimes there is washing being folded on the table at the same time)

  • We rise by 7am, dress, breakfast & make beds
  • Morning jobs are done by 8.30-9am - mostly 8.30am
  • We make sure we're on track for dinner, fold washing, hang the next load of washing, take out rubbish, recycling etc and make sure as much as possible is in order.
  • We start first with PE. I find this helps the children to get focused. Whatever is in the PE guide we use gives us inspiration. Stretching is always a good start. Then followed by some running, bean bag tossing, french cricket or whatever. No more than 30minutes
  • Next it's Bible. The first thing we do once sitting at the table. Following the Foundations 1 schedule. We practice a memory verse, learn the books of the bible, read a chapter or more of the bible and do a colouring page. The children nominate different things they would like to pray for and we take it in turns to pray. Bible can take 15-30minutes
  • After Bible, Nathaniel does copy work while I work with Melinda on basic piano skills... about 15 minutes
  • Melinda then does 'Read, Write & Spell' and her 'Easy Learn' maths while I do the same with Nathaniel. Melinda occasionally needs things explained to her but is mostly okay with these things on her own. About 30minutes here, tops.
  • Then we're on to our 'extra' of the day - whatever it might be... Geography, Cooking, Art. This could take about an hour
  • End with a game - UNO, Countdown, Make 'n' Break, Who's Who, Whatever Next, Jigsaws... whatever
If I need to do some work-work I can give them 1/2 hour TV with playschool or a documentary DVD after PE & Bible or some quiet reading time, outside play time or whatever. Asides from that, if we're going to have a 'break' it will be before our 'extra' activity of the day.
Around the start of 'term 2' Melinda will start Spanish again, spending 10-15 minutes 3-4 days a week. Nathaniel will begin Spanish in 2011

This schedule means that we're done by 11-11.30 or an hour later if I've added in some 'work-work'. Life can happen and other needs must be focused on from time to time but with this schedule, we all know what we're doing - even when we might start our book work at midday on the odd occasion!

Some days we'll have friends over, go to the market and meet up with others. Melinda is involved in Girls Brigade weekly through term time and Nathaniel the same with Boys Brigade.

oh, and Timothy... the 20mo mischief maker? He's been trained by us to amuse himself as needed. Occasionally I'll change a nappy, get a drink, fill his water tub by the back door or whatever. He might climb up to the table to colour and draw with us, but he's no trouble. We'll keep it that way, and ease him in to his own bookwork in another couple of years :o)


  1. Hey Narelle...this is fantastic. I really enjoy reading a day in other homeschoolers lives, I did a similar post here -!

    Finally you put your blog up!

    Look forward to more post in 2010!

    Cheers, Sarah xxx

  2. Thanks Sarah - I'll check it out!

  3. Hey Narelle!

    Glad to read your blog. Looks great. I enjoyed reading 'a day in the life of Bogwitz homeschool'. Sounds like things are well organised and as you said, it's great as a homeschool mum to see how others are doing it.

    Look forward to reading more of your blogs!