Friday, January 22, 2010

Meal Planning

I like to meal plan to keep organised and wise with money but I do come and go from it. Money is tight at the moment, so I need to make sure it happens! For lunches we have whatever is on hand, and I plan dinners and am getting to planning breakfasts too. When money is tight I find it best to plan about 3 days at a time - it really keeps waste down and you know exactly what you have on hand.

B: Plum porridge
D: Meat pies and salad
B: Plum Porridge
D: Tuna casserole, fried sweet potato and salad
B: French toast
D: Savoury mince on pancakes

We've been blessed with some zucchini and cucumber from the local garden. Praying for some celery (garden or shop!) which will help with the Savoury mince and I need it to make some chicken soup in the coming days

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