Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday at Grandma's House

Pete and the children have just returned from one of the annual 3 day visits with Grandma down at Inverloch. No photo's taken sorry - the camera went with them but was forgotten which is most unlike Pete!

From everything I've heard, they had an absolute ball and Grandmas had fun spoiling them - Grandmas are good at that :o)

A couple of ice creams, a trip to the MOVIES!!, time at the beach, playing at the park, visit to the wildlife centre, souvenirs bought for them and much much more.

Melinda's most exciting news was seeing a python that had previously swallowed a golf ball and Nathaniel loved the treats and stopping at a lookout on the way home. Pete had a chance to watch some cricket and hang out with the kids without the usual responsibilities one has at home. As nice as it was to have 'thinking space' with them gone, it is lovely to have them home again.
The best of both worlds.

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