Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Painting

The children just LOVE to paint... maybe because it really is an 'event' when it happens. Often when they ask, there's just not enough time to fit it in along with the packing up!

This first one is by Nathaniel - interesting picture, reminds me of the aerial views of the amazon which we're about to look at as part of our South America study in January

Also by Nathaniel - I'm keen to ask him about this one. Must make a mental note to do so.
I can't decide if it's one creature that is both green and yellow, or two creatures hugging?

There next two are both by Melinda - she loves to paint things she knows

Again - a painting of what she knows - her roads usually are going to somewhere specific though. Mental note: Ask her where!

Next time we get the paints out I'm going to mix colours... orange, purple, brown etc and maybe the time after that, pastels?

Edited to add that Nj's picture is of a robot going through a hole in a fence (gate) and Melinda's road is going to McDonalds *chuckle*


  1. What very colorful and creative paintings! xxx

  2. Love the paintings - so bright and colourful....and Nathaniel's robot is cool. I thought it was two robots hugging too. hehe Your children have great imaginations.