Monday, February 1, 2010

'Interesting' Days Ahead

'Interesting'... such a nothing word, gives no indication of how one feels about something LOL
So let's say I'm feeling a tad apprehensive?

Pete starts work today.

For the last 2.5 years I have had him home with us, working on our business. Well, life changes; God calls, and the path of life turns a corner.

We are continuing with our home business but due to my health, I am unable to deal with the pressure of my major role in it. So my part continues, on an 'as I can do/feel like it' basis and Pete will continue is admin responsibilities in the evenings and Saturdays. Yes all up, we're going to lose out time-wise but it will stabilise our income and remove a load of stress from me.
Long term, Pete's side of the business will financially support us.

Having said that though, my physical responsibilities around the home and with the children are on the increase. God has clearly directed this though so I know He will see us through.

Prayer would be great though!

Yesterday I realised that I will be the one taking the children to their school holiday swim sessions 4 days in a row
Then this morning I realised it will be me taking Melinda to her optometrist and Timothy to his health centre appointments - and the list continues on and on and on LOL

New things bring new challenges. Like the need for a car at least one month before we will have $$ to pay for it.

Yes, 'interesting' days ahead - I know it will sort out, but in the meantime I am very very aware of my new responsibilities and limitations


  1. Certainly sounds challenging indeed. You sound so organised though - I'm sure you'll manage easily!

    PS Since I've started following your blog I've noticed your name popping up on several of my facebook friends' pages. Are you a Geelong girl?

  2. I am a Geelong girl... but only know the others through the internet (so far as I am aware!!) I know a cousin of one of the bloggers I follow (who I then noticed via facebook, was from Geelong) and it's opened up a whole bunch of blogs to read :o)

  3. Ah...a Covenant College girly then? (Twenty questions eh?)

  4. Wow...there are seasons in life, busy ones, quiet ones, but it really does continue to amaze me with how God always provides exactly what we need, He is awesome! Praying for you! xxx

  5. Thanks Sarah :o)

    Jeanne - yes, back when it was GCS... years 5-7... I see you know Kate and Rachael?
    My mum also taught there for a few years.