Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Australia Unit Begins

We started our Australia unit today - kids thought it was a cool start, which is always nice. It's encouraging to see their continued excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

Today we...
-Read and sung the National Anthem... will continue this through the unit so they learn it by heart
-Checked out where Australia is on the globe and coloured it on a map...noting some other countries that are bigger or smaller
-Read the first chapter of A Little Bush Maid

Down the track we'll be visiting Sovereign Hill, going camping in the bush, cooking a couple of Aussie recipes, watching the movie The Man From Snowy River.... all filled out with colouring and craft activities about flora & fauna, the states and capitals... and a bunch of other bits!
I think I'm looking forward to it as much as they are :o)

oh - if you want the National Anthem... the words are here but don't use their music to sing it by (dreadful, like, really dreadful)... we prefer this for music


  1. Sounds fantastic, and loads of fun learning! xxx

  2. Let us know when you visit Sovereign Hill - we're only an hour and a half away!!

  3. Where are you Jeanne? I had to laugh... you could well live next door to us (though I think not) as we're also 1.5 hours away

  4. Sovereign Hill next Tuesday!