Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So cute!

Couldn't resist.... Mr Timothy learning to 'help' in the kitchen.... such concentration!


It was Melinda that peeled and chopped the carrots.... Timothy found them and decided to see what he could do with them... I'm not going to stop him, though I may need to soon as I need them for cooking dinner - he's been at it 10 minutes so far!! Having a ball :o)



  1. A hansome little guy and VERY clever!!!

  2. Ahhh yes - family fun in the kitchen! It's great isn't it?

    Narelle, I do not have the book Nourishing Traditions but I have been seeing it a lot lately - blogs I visit, and now you've mentioned it. Maybe that's a sign... =)

    Oh zucchini - mmmmmm - I just love the stuff! Enjoy your winter, er summer, soups!

  3. That bottom photo is so lovely.