Sunday, February 7, 2010

Recipe by Request - Chocolate Brownie Slice

Next time I bake this, I will take and add a photo for you... in the meantime, Trust Me - it's delicious!

It is quite a moist cake. I bake it in a LARGE square pan. If you don't have one, consider 2 smaller pans to keep it a low flat slice-like cake. It will be a dark chocolate brown and a thin crispy layer will form on top. Always best when left overnight before eating - and dust with icing sugar before serving.

I have had a friend make this a few years ago and looked at me with great expectations as I took a bite - and then asking me most excitedly 'do you recognise it?'.... umm... no? should I?
She then told me it was this recipe, which I had given to her.
I have no idea what she did differently but I tell you... it being brown in colour was the only similarity LOL and it was even the wrong shade of brown.
This recipe when made properly is DIVINE... otherwise, it's just 'cake'...

Do let me know if you make it!

Best Ever Chocolate Brownie Slice Recipe


1¼c Plain flour
½ c
Cocoa powder
Baking powder
Sugar (white, caster or raw)
Vanilla essence
½ c
Chopped pecans/walnuts (optional)


1. Line 34cm x 23cm tin (or 2 square tins) with baking paper. Preheat oven 180°c

2. Place all ingredients into a large bowl, beat together with a wooden spoon until well mixed

3. Pour into lined tin and bake in moderate oven till springs back in centre - approx 25/30 minutes

4. When cool sprinkle with icing sugar or drinking chocolate & cut into small rectangles

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