Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Timothy = Mischief

Timothy managed to find extra room in the fridge - can you find 'it'?



  1. Ooh! Your fridge is so beautifully organised! Can't find much extra room though...

  2. We're praying for a second fridge now LOL... just for Timothy's stapler

    Nah - we need one.. for milk, soup, yoghurt etc. We keep using the wash trough filled with icy water to keep pots of soup cool.

    I LOVE organisation. Disorganisation does my head in and I can't think at all. The fridge isn't always quite like this, but mostly.

    I need to figure out some labelling for the fridge... laminated labels I think... and bluetac

  3. I made a comment here and must have left before checking whether it posted? Or did you delete my guess at what Timothy had put in the fridge Mrs B?

  4. odd, no haven't seen anything here!

    Just FYI... I'm imagining that if I was deleting a comment, I'd comment that I had deleted it... as yet though haven't had to delete anything - yay... and also can't imagine you'd post anything that'd need deleting! *grin*

  5. Yes, I think I just skipped off too fast and it didn't post.
    I observed a stapler in the fridge!

  6. glad you said stapler... I spent a few minutes examining the fridge to see if there was anything else in there that might be weird to other people!