Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a week!

This new 'life' is taking some getting used to and there are most certainly adjustments that need to be made. I need more strategies in place to keep from being overwhelmed. This last week has been so so busy, thus no new blog posts since Monday - and the week ahead is looking to be even more busy as we have 3 extra appointments in the week!!

I've pulled out my Fly lady book again and am re-reading as I can snatch moments to do so. It's got some good reminders in there for me and I think this next week I am going to spend more time planning my days before they happen and am going to keep my timer glued to me!

Amongst the busyness we've had some great times this week...
**Thursday evening, 3 girlfriends came over for a fun game and conversation evening. Times like this keep me sane. So good to be able to share, encourage and grow through time spent like this.
**Car day was very productive with Woolworths, Aldi, Green Grocer, Raw milk collection and a visit to the GP for Melinda who was most relieved to find out her mole can be left on her back i.e. does not need to be chopped out!
**Pete is settling in to his new role, though the change is very tiring for him
**We finished up looking at South America/Brazil this week - looking forward to starting 'Australia' on Monday
**Harvested 3 zucchini's and 3 tomatoes from our vegie patch
**Tried a new zucchini recipe with great results
**Taught the children how to play Mancala (I Love this game!)
**Success with organising meals in advance!
**The children and I have enjoyed listening to The Adventures of Jonathan Park as we've driven in the car or sat waiting for Pete to come out from work. Learning is so much fun this way - I highly recommend this series and it can be bought from Heart and Home. Worth every cent spent - yes, every cent!! I know we will keep our series for at least a decade and I suspect it will get passed onto the grandchildren :o)

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