Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Home Education Plans

I thought you might like to see how we're working our home ed this year. The kids and I are loving how it is working out.

These plans were first worked on at the end of last year and we had about 3 weeks of a 'practice run' with the then current curriculum. Once the new curriculum arrived and we began it just after Christmas I got a better idea of how it was going to work for us and what needed tweaking.

So last week we had off 'book work' because of daily swimming lessons and I spent my weekend home ed planning time (a weekly essential here) tweaking the schedule.

These 4 pages should give you an idea of how I fit it all together. Timothy doesn't get any record keeping yet, at 2.5 he has a life of ease.... for him it's all eat, play, sleep - even when he's helping out with housework he thinks it's play time. Sweetness!

I'm pretty sure that if you click on the pictures, it will bring it up larger - easier to read if you want to see the detail.

Everything we want to cover, my scheduling then followed

The Weekly Schedule - on the kitchen cupboard and in my home ed binder so I can keep track of where we're up to

Melinda's record keeping. At the moment I'm working on 6 of these being a term's work and we have 5 terms in our year. There's a whole lot more learning that goes on that doesn't get recorded on these sheets of course!

Nathaniel's record keeping - same as Melinda but for his work - we just cross it off as we go. 15min on each is enough. Sometimes this work will get done in a week, sometimes 4 days and sometimes 2 weeks depending on what else life throws at us.

History, Read-Aloud's, Spanish, Piano practice etc aren't on this schedule but happen/will happen. History and Read-Aloud's are both read on the go or in the evenings with Dad. Spanish happens in the gaps of life or when I'm tied up - they don't need me for it.

I'd love to see your home ed schedule too - so once you've blogged it, add the link here and comment below.
Be sure to use the link to the scheduling post and not just to your blog home page!


  1. Fantastic! I'm putting our term schedule together this week! I love this part of homeschooling! SO fun! xxx

  2. It's fun isn't it all the planning scheduling etc, I enjoy it like Sarah too:)
    I love your schedules very neat and uncomplicated!
    We are still finishing up year 1 here but have been working on her year 2 plans and hope to post that late Feb:)

  3. My son is half way through Apologia Astronomy, he loves it. I need to jump on the "copy work" band wagon that I see other mom's using.

    I look up to you moms that are homeschooling more than one kid at a time. Hope I can handle it when my day comes.