Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surprise Party

One of the children's friends turned 7 on the weekend... we invited them to come for lunch today but made no mention of a birthday surprise **grin**
Melinda and I worked out a menu and planned a cake, Nathaniel helped with balloons and setting the table.
She was sooo surprised and thrilled - it was such fun to do this!

The Cake

Opening Gifts

Enjoying a different kind of lunch than usual!

Laughter at the speed and success of blowing out the candles

A happy day.



  1. oh what a wonderful idea! good on you!

  2. I actually thought of you Jamie as I was deciding which dishes to use - and went for 'best' vs plastic - as I thought of your beautiful birthday tea for your mum :o)

    (now I just need a nice table cloth!)

  3. How sweet!! Looks like everyone had fun!