Monday, January 17, 2011

When life doesn't happen as planned

...even the smallest amount of organisation pays off!

I pushed myself too hard in the heat on Saturday and it took me all day Sunday to recover, including 2 serious naps... hopefully I will pick up the warning signs a little earlier next time.

What I did learn though is that I will keep on with menu planning - saves serious $$ when I'm not up to thinking about food... doesn't take much effort to cook something already thought out.

I also showed myself, once again, that the Out of Routine Recovery Plan is a life saver - or at least, a sanity saver! It doesn't even have to be me that does it - hubby's and kids can pitch in for sure!!!

By Monday morning it doesn't look like my weekend ended up with me in bed for hours, and I credit that to the above. (validation is a good thing!)

Now onwards with a productive week, and hopefully me pacing myself a bit better while knowing the improved weather will also help towards that.



  1. Meal planning ahead of time has taken some work for me, but this week it's been the only reason we haven't eaten out every meal between hours spent in assorted doctors offices. Even if I can't manage it every week, taking a few minutes to decide on food for even just the next day and pulling out the meat and bread to defrost has helped a lot.

  2. Very good indeed! So when are you due? xxx

  3. Due late April/Early May... about 14 weeks to go I think (and sooo much to do before then - eek!)