Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan for the week ahead

B: Eggs, sour cream, smoked salmon, oranges and raw milk
L: Sandwiches with chicken, cheese and salad... and lots of butter of course
D: Hot dogs and salad - easy because we're off to the community garden to have dinner and get some digging done

B: Roast potatoes and corned beef with creamy white sauce. Raw milk
L: Party food to surprise a sweet 7yo for her birthday: Watermelon, Grapes, Fairy bread, Party pies, Potato Gems, Cake, Tuna salad
D:Beef Casserole (already cooked)

B: Baked beans on buttered toast with grated cheese on top. Raw milk
L: Smoked salmon and cream cheese on bread
D: Pan fried chicken fillets with buttered corn cobs and fresh garden salad

B: Breakfast muffins & Raw milk
L: Tuna Salad
D: Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne with fresh garden salad

B: Fried eggs, soaked porridge, fruit & Raw milk
L: Zucchini slice
D: Tango meatballs with roast vegies and cheese sauce

Snacks are fruit, cheese, yoghurt, raw milk and left over corned beef.

Will we stick to this? Mostly
Why? The food is already in the house and the thinking done
What could change the plan? A significant change in the weather or my health and ability to prepare the meal as needed or on a whim.
What would a change look like? We might swap days around or cook something totally different - yet still aiming for the health of high animal fats, high protein, plenty of eggs, lots of veggies and fruit and low carbs - with the ideal of dinners having only 2 'carb nights' in the week.
Why? Because we can FEEL the health benefits; non biased research supports it i.e. research paid for by independent bodies vs pharmaceutical companies, vegetable oil companies, the soy industry etc.


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