Saturday, January 8, 2011

Treasured Moments


Click on the picture to find out more about 'Treasured Moments'. I think this is a great way to be deliberate in enjoying our families; to be inspired and to encourage.

1. Anything Timothy (2.5) gets excited about - yesterday it was that he could see the water coming out of the water filter and into the jug. He shouts with joy and jumps about 15cm off the ground - life is fun with Timothy around.

2. Gardening with the children one on one as we chat about the amazing creation we live in, apply biblical truths to the gardening tasks like weeds and sin and just enjoy serious conversation in such an easy way

3. Waking the kids for our Annual Pyjama Ride - sometime before Christmas we wake the children once dark, load them in the car to go look at a bunch of beautiful lights and then wind up with a late night supper at McDonalds.

4. I love listening to Nathaniel (7) as he reads his readers - he's improving so fast at the moment and it's great to see his face light up with a determined and excited **I CAN do this!!**

5. This week I am determined to do what Timothy wants more often (once a day?) when he says 'Play a me mummy! Please play a me!)

Join in and share your Treasured Moments - I'd love to know what they are.


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  1. Narelle

    Aren't 2.5 yr olds the most precious creatures?:)
    Deep, easy conversations are the best! Oh an emerging reader, what special time!
    So thrilled you joined in, welcome, and I've found another Aussie hser, bonus.